Communications Geek

  • PR & Comms Team
  • Helsinki, Finland

Communications Geek

Job description

It is almost impossible to find people for this role, but that doesn't stop us trying :)

  • You are a software developer but prefer to do something else
  • You love writing and have excellent communications skills
  • You are based in Helsinki, Finland

Many of our clients are young and innovative companies in the field of software development, apps and consulting. Our job is to help these companies to communicate better. If you meet all these qualifications and requirements, we would love to talk to you.


We do not require long prior work experience, but otherwise, the requirements are really strict:

  • Excellent creative writing skills and an ability to create perfect English text
  • Experience and enthusiasm in software development (coding, DevOps or similar hands-on experience)
  • Deep in hacker culture, online forums and caves were developers thrive